Flexibility: The Missing Link to the Perfect Swing

80% of amateur golfers do not have the flexibility to swing the club on the proper plane. This leads to people muscling (arm swinging) through the wrong swing plane, thereby causing injuries and inconsistent shots.

In order to launch booming drives off the tee one must have a long, flowing backswing that acts as a spring gaining tension. When the endpoint is reached and the spring is released, the swing should only have to be guided, not forced, to follow the inside out path through contact with the ball. Using the wrong muscles in an attempt to bring power to an improper swing leads to injuries like sprains, strains, and joint damage not to mention the slices, hooks, and duffs that arise from an inconsistent swing. This makes flexibility not only a key ingredient to the long ball, but to the continued enjoyment of the game.

There are three fundamental causes of golf injuries: poor posture, lack of flexibility, and poor swing mechanics. Golf professionals do a wonderful job at training swing mechanics but many times are plagued by the physical restrictions of the player in attaining that swing, especially if there is pain in the necessary motion. Some people may have muscular tightness as their primary problem while others may have mild to moderate arthritis or joint fixation that is preventing them from attaining their goal swing. One solution may be to see a sports chiropractor that can identify and directly address specific areas of restricted movement (such as ankles, knees, hips, low back, mid back, neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists) to increase both flexibility and function, which translates into decreased pain. One study states that there was an average of 17% increase in performance in athletes under chiropractic care. Another simple addition to improve your game and prevent injury is a customized pre-golf warm up of a few stretches and exercises. Spending five to ten minutes on addressing your specific areas of inflexibility or instability can shave a number of strokes off your round.

The game of golf contains wonderful physical and mental benefits that can be a healthy compliment to anyone’s lifestyle. Do not let pain or a flexibility problem interfere with your game. We may be able to help. Do not give up on a game you love. Call us to make an appointment at the We Care Chiropractic Center (412) 795-2900.