Pierce Technique

This chiropractic technique, founded by Dr. Walter Vernon Pierce, was established in the early 1970's and is also known as the "Pierce Results System". It involves analysis of spinal motion to identify loss or limitation of spinal function.

Zenith HyloTable

Zenith HyloTable
230 Pierce Cervical Drop

Dr. Pierce was a world renowned chiropractor who spent his life trying to find better ways to get the best chiropractic results. He was instrumental in developing the Zenith Hy-Lo chiropractic tables that are currently being manufactured. Dr. Pierce traveled the world teaching his technique to both chiropractic students and chiropractors already in practice. In our opinion, the most important idea Dr. Pierce stressed was results. The Pierce Technique brings both physical/objective and x-ray findings together to determine where the subluxations exist. He believed patients should be x-rayed to identify structural distortion and restriction in motion.

The adjustments are performed utilizing drop pieces on adjusting tables. We use no rotational type adjusting procedures and there is no such thing as a routine adjustment. We adjust subluxations only when present. The soft tissue is also a part of the musculoskeletal condition, so we also do trigger points to the muscle to eliminate muscle spasm or hypertonicity.

Dr. Nutter has been practicing the Pierce Technique for 25 years and focuses on an integrative approach to your health. On a personal note, Dr. Nutter was close enough to Dr. Pierce that he co-signed his original business loan. Dr. Nutter loved him for his dedication to the chiropractic profession. Dr. Pierce passed away in December of 1993 and has been dearly missed by Dr. Nutter and many of his colleagues.