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Phillip E. Nutter, D.C. has been serving the people of Pittsburgh for over 30 years

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Decompression / Axial traction is a wonderful addition to a chiropractic and rehabilitation protocol when it comes to disc damage. Many people have heard about traction or inversion tables. The new computerized tables available (such as the KDT table pictured at right) give the doctor much greater control of patterns, time, and intensity in order to gain the most benefit in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Nutter has certification with the Kennedy Decompression Technique so he may deliver the greatest expertise and care to his patients.

Dr. Nutter has personally worked with a number of patients that have tried chiropractic alone and physical therapy alone but were still looking at an operating table for disc injuries. Most of these patients after following a combination protocol of adjusting, core strengthening, and decompression were able to regain a pain free lifestyle without surgery. Read More

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