Pierce Technique

Dr. Nutter has been practicing the Pierce Technique since 1985.  The adjustments are performed utilizing drop pieces on adjusting tables. All adjusting/manipulation is done in the prone/facedown position.  We adjust subluxations only when present. The soft tissue is also a part of the musculoskeletal condition, so we also do trigger points to the muscle to eliminate muscle spasm or hypertonicity.   No rotational or dramatic turning of the head is performed.  This technique is not only the most effective way to restore health, but will give you the most long term relief any technique offers.  This technique is not performed unless x-rays are taken.  The primary goal is to get the patient well, and release them from scheduled care. 

This chiropractic technique, founded by Dr. Walter Vernon Pierce, was established in the early 1970's and is also known as the "Pierce Results System". It involves analysis of spinal motion to identify loss or limitation of spinal function on x-ray .  

Dr. Pierce was a world renowned chiropractor who spent his life trying to find better ways to get the best chiropractic results. He was instrumental in developing the Zenith Hy-Lo chiropractic tables that are currently being manufactured. Dr. Pierce traveled the world teaching his technique. The Pierce Technique brings both physical/objective and x-ray findings to determine where the subluxations (cause of pain) exist. He believed patients should be x-rayed to identify structural distortion and restriction in motion.  Dr. Pierce's mission statement was EXPECT RESULTS!.

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