Sports Injuries

It's been stated by elite athletic trainers that the primary cause of injury is lack of training on the individual's specific weak area(s). Most sports involve or even require some sort of traumatic event to perform the job. Repetitive traumas, whether they are minor or major, eventually lead to injury without proper care. Within the sports chiropractic realm there are a number of possibilities:

Injury rehabilitation - after an injury occurs, passive care and active proprioceptive training are used to get the athlete back in the game as soon as possible, as strong and stable if not more so than before the injury.

Injury Pre-Hab - evaluating the athlete before the injury to identify weak areas to train and strengthen them and avoid injury in the first place.

Maximizing peak athletic performance - "The average athlete will experience a 17% increase in peak performance simply by being under chiropractic care". This study was based on chiropractic adjustments only. Adding a balanced strengthening program will further improve results. Some prime examples are today's elite NFL running backs, many of whom are performing squats with weights while standing on exercise balls. The more someone trains in an unbalanced environment, the more stable they will be on flat ground.

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