Herniated Disc Treatment

If you’ve sustained a herniated disc, Dr. Phillip Nutter at We Care Chiropractic Center in Pittsburgh, PA, is committed to helping you achieve relief and get back to your life.

Guide to Herniated Discs and Chiropractic Treatment

Herniated discs are a common issue. Fortunately, not everyone who lives with a herniated disc experiences symptoms. Those who do, however, can find daily life to be a difficult and painful thing to manage. Learn below how chiropractors like Dr. Nutter at We Care Chiropractic Center in Pittsburgh, PA, can help.

How Herniated Discs Occur

Your spine has more than 20 bones. In between each set of bones is a disc made of a tough exterior and pliable interior that cushions your bones.

Sometimes, the discs develop a tear and the interior filling spills out through the tear. When this occurs, the filling often spills onto a surrounding nerve, muscle, or other tissue, causing:

  • Sharp, shooting pains
  • A burning sensation
  • Tingling, numbness, or weakness, specifically in the extremities

In most cases, herniated discs are the result of minor but ongoing trauma due to poor posture, poor lifting techniques, and repetitive lifting. However, they are also caused by the sudden force of auto accidents, slips and falls, and similar events.

Healing Herniated Discs Through Chiropractic Care

Treating herniated discs typically requires combining several techniques. Some of these focus on the disc itself, while others focus on the resulting symptoms. Some techniques used include the following.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjustments play a vital role in treating any issues of the spinal column. Misalignment often forms due to poor posture and other daily habits, which leads to excess pressure on the discs. Adjustments restore proper alignment, which relieves that pressure.

Traction/Decompression Therapy

Traction or decompression is also typically used, as it gently stretches the spinal column. As this stretch occurs, space is created between the bones, the disc is pulled back in, and healing nutrients are drawn into the spinal column.

Trigger Point Therapy

Herniated discs and the resulting compressed nerves often lead the muscles to react and overcompensate, which leads to tension and painful knots. Trigger point therapy is a method used to relieve these trigger points and restore range of motion.

Physical Therapy

Strategic exercises can be used for several things with herniated discs. They can help stretch the spine, further relieving pressure on the discs. They can help strengthen the core to provide your spine the support it needs to remain healthy. They also relieve tension and inflammation, restore range of motion, and more.

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